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  • Air Restoration Technology, Inc.

    Air Restoration Technology, Inc.



    About Us

    Odor, Mold & Sick Building Syndrome Elimination Specialists - using a NASA designed & patented process to eliminate contaminants from the air & even behind walls & in ducts.

    We use chemical free / GREEN technology so the process is organic and safer after treatment to enter, than it was before.

    This one-of-a-kind, patented treatment process, takes oxygen molecules and vibrates them into separate atoms.
    When that happens, it no longer sustains life, so this process suffocates or kills the core root of molds, odors, SBS (Sick Building Syndrome) - from death houses to meth houses, sulfur sheet rock, off-gassing, pet odors, cigarette odors, benzine, formaldehyde…and all sorts of things that can make your house “sick”, and likely you as well.

    We can treat new buildings, old buildings, boats, RV's, cars, offices, gyms, schools...death houses & meth houses - making it SAFE for all to enter without toxins.

    NEW HOMES have ''off-gassing'' odors that we can eliminate and make safe for you.

    *Realtors, we can issue a ''Certificate of Air Restoration'' warranting that a place is ''Mold & Odor Free''.

    Mildew is a mold...and we all have some. We KILL the mold spores that the ''traditional'' mold removal techniques cannot.

    ''Your home or office could be making you sick.'' Take the ''Mold Health Quiz'' on our website.

    Bacteria & viruses are eliminated also…including such from “pet droppings” or vermin feces, etc.

    Even most pests will die or disappear from this treatment.

    *We see many buildings that are in dire need, so we are eager to ''help heal Georgetown'' and our community!


    VIRUSES TOO - Please call for more info.
    Please visit our website for more info.
    Call us to schedule free consultation.
    Please visit our website for more info.
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    Please visit our website for more info.
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